6 Habits To Incorporate Right Away For a Better Body

6 Habits To Incorporate Right Away For a Better Body
In today’s hectic life when your day is already packed with so many meetings & chores, working out can easily take a backseat. In fact, it is the first one to get knocked off your to-do list when something pressing comes up.

Also, for many, exercise means taking the stairs to the meeting room on the other floor, or going to the canteen for lunch, or going to the local chai-wala (tapri) during breaks. Well, at least that’s the way many console themselves, if they miss out on their workout sessions.

However, with a little bit of determination & a few changes to your habits, its possible to squeeze in a workout even if you have a very busy schedule.

Here’s how:

  1. Get up an Hour Early

    I know the comfort of your pillow is far more tempting, especially in the morning. But lifestyle diseases such as diabetes are a reality nowadays, and don’t be under the illusion that its going to catch you. So its better that you give yourself a pep talk in the morning and get into workout mode, even if its for half an hour.

    Can’t find even half-an-hour? In that case, look for opportunities to work out in short bursts of 10 minutes, at least three times a day. Here are the things that you could do – Go out on a bicycle ride in the morning, take a brisk walk around your office, take the stairs up and down for 10 minutes.

  2. Don’t Deprive Yourself of Sleep

    There are some (other end of the spectrum) who are sleep deprived. Really!

    And being chronically sleep deprived for long periods can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure and even heart disease.

    So fix that problem right away, switch off the TV and go to bed early; you can record your favorite sitcoms (if you have to watch them) and see them later on the weekend.

  3. Throw Away that Water Bottle

    Studies have shown that drinking eight-ten glasses of water a day can speed up your metabolism (enough to shed about three kilos in a year). And though most try to follow this rule, most prefer to keep a water bottle at their desks.

    Why not walk up to the water dispenser to fill it up? Or take a break every hour or so and have a glass of water at the dispenser itself? Remember, you also need to take a break regularly (get up from your seat) if you have a desk-bound job.

  4. Swap that Energy Drink For Green Tea

    Probably, the easiest to do but you’ll need to get used to the taste.

    There are several studies that have shown that energy drinks are packed with more sugar than popular dessert items. Also, once the sugar-and-caffeine rush wears off, your energy levels come crashing down.

    Opting for an fat-busting, antioxidant rich green tea is any day better your expanding waist line!

  5. Say No to All that Junk Food

    Well not all the time, but you definitely don’t have to eat everything that comes your way. Chips, vada pav, bhajias, sweets, tea, coffees, is what most eat during the day, especially at work.

    Can you not go for healthier food choices? And if you have to eat, assuming its a celebration and you don’t want to offend anybody, just cut down on the quantity.

    Also, its important to avoid gaps of more than three hours between meals, for a better metabolism. Else your body could start storing fat, assuming its fasting.

  6. Keep Your Gym Wear Handy

    Its a good idea to always keep your sports shoes, small towel, track pants/shorts and a t-shirt handy, in your your car or in your desk drawer (if you have a gym in office). That way you can always squeeze in a workout session whenever an opportunity shows up.

    You could workout during lunch hours, or if that meeting in the evening gets cancelled. You can also get down one stop/station before, while returning home and take that long walk to home.

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